Argos Premium form service

The "URL method" is provided in the form based on your company ID. The company ID is provided by the Argos.

In order to inform the user of the progress of KYC by using Argos API, email address in Argos Form is the parameter to query user’s KYC status.

In addition, in order to forward user-related information to Argos Form Service in advance, you can send the information by including it as a Query String.

The communication protocol only provides as HTTPS. Please refer to Table 1.2 for the available field information.

How to call Argos Form

URL "Embed method" provides code that can embed on homepage.
For Embed code, please contact your Argos representative.

How to call Form
1. If your company uses public form{Company Id}

2. If you want to send other user information (cf - custom field, Up to 3 fields are provided){Company Id}?userid={Unique Id for participant}&cf1={custom data 1}&cf2={custom data 2}&cf3={custom data 3}


Information that can be sent by the Query String

You can send up to 3 custom fields data that you want to send / save and user ID that can distinguish users when requesting API.

The information sent to the Query String will be added to the response data value in the API request.

All query string values ​​must be URL Encode.

Key Description Example
userid Unique Id for participant
cf1 Custom Field 1
cf2 Custom Field 2
cf3 Custom Field 3