# Basics

# Authentication

The API uses Token-based authentication.

The API KEY must be provided by Argos in order to use the API.

The API KEY should be included in the GET method request header as 'x-api-key: 51feE04BBe4A6d1'.


curl -H "x-api-key:hTRgZTc6UR2FLgIh5tKLsyjO89xBsiWG3pz3eYvc" https://api.argos-solutions.io/v2/submissions

# Errors

Respond with a generic HTTP response code. At success, it is represented by 2xx code. 4xx occurs when there is an error in the information transmitted on the Client. 5xx occurs when there is an error on the Argos server.

HTTP Code Message Description
400 Required field values are not provided
400 Submission ID is not provided
403 Forbidden API KEY is not provided or something is wrong with the API KEY.
413 Request Entity Too Large The request is larger than the server is willing or able to process.
500 Other 500 Error. It might be Argos server error. Please contact Argos team.
502 Bad Gateway The server received an invalid response from the upstream server.